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Sir i cant tell you how much your videos have helped me and my friends and we want to thank u from the bottom of our hearts.sir i have a confusion.my teacher tells me weird philosophy regarding paper attempting and tge main issue is that basically i have friends around pakistan in same school so we studies together and gave the paper we had prepared for the question the exact same one and when the papers got checked i was graned 6 while my friend got 7 we tallied and we had written exact same now this is creating confusion like who is right and who is wrong and any tip u would give me at this point i havent touched past papers the thing is alhamdulillah i am kinda good in history so should i complete all the past papers or any similar thing if u could suggest please and the source based question if u can explain i couldnt understand it once again weird method given by teacher led to confusion

Anas Asked question March 21, 2022
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