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i know you have already said we shouldn’t exempt p5 in alevels, but most of our teachers have suggested us to not attempt p5, saying that appearing for it would cause unnecessary burden on us and will also leave us with less time time to prepare for p4 which holds more weightage.
Then there’s also the issue of threshold which i donot get at all, and i would appreciate if you could explain it.We have been told that we should choose the option chosen by majority of the students, and many are exempting p5. Also, since most students will exempt p5, they’ll work harder for p4, causing the threshold to rise, putting the students who are giving p5 at a disadvantage. Especially Biology p5, we have been told, is extremely difficult and it is hard to score good marks in it.
Also, you should know that we have not started the preparation for p5 at all till now, and there are hardly any gaps in cie exams this time. Therefore, should we or should we not give p5 for the 3 Alevels sciences? The deadline for making this decision is today.

Umaima Saeed Asked question February 19, 2021
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