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Assalamualaikum. I’m currently in AS and registered for chemistry, physics, and maths.

I’ve been thinking about the exemption policies from Cambridge and whether or not I should take it. The issue is I think I’m not very good at practical work, along with the fact that we’ve barely had any practice for both subjects. I was sure that I would take it unless the alternative provided by Cambridge for exempted components was something I wouldn’t be comfortable with.

However, recently a teacher said that IBCC may not accept the grades given for the exempted components and thus, refuse to provide equivalence certificates. I’ve not heard anyone say anything like this so I want to confirm if there would be some indication by Cambridge to show that a candidate took the exemption or if one way or another, IBCC ends up rejecting these grades.

Muzamil Kaleem Asked question February 26, 2021
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