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AOA sir,
Kindly allow me to take a few minutes of your time as I’ll get straight to the point.
Sir you have a policy that states that notes may not be downloaded/reproduced in any form. I understand if that policy iterates to your own notes (which contribute like…99.95% of all resources here.) however what if other contributers were able to give their own notes that were downloadable?

The reason I ask this is that for me its easier to learn and revise when I have something in printed form, it may also be the case with other people. As such if the original author allows it to be downloaded would that then be a bad idea? If not/yes then its fine as you’re decisions have always had a good logical reason but I unfortunately don’t understand it.

Lastly it may be a case that other contributers also do not want their notes to be reproduceable in which case I am trying to become a contributer myself although you’ve covered all the sections/subjects/topics/key points that I wish to write my own notes on. As you’ve already covered the main information the best I could contribute is that the information is downloadable (of course not your own notes, my method of note taking is answering each point in the syllabus’ sub topics i.e ‘Acids bases and salts’ in which ‘define alkalis as soluable bases’ and so I answer it accordingly

Also thank you so very freaking much for making these websites i.e educateachange and aylotistudy. I have actually enjoyed and managed to properly learn things via the videos and notes more so then in any other place…including school. Additionally, it might be nice for a sneak peak or so on a revolutionary school you intend to create…just because its fascinating.
May Allah compensate you for all your time and effors, IA.

Harris Asked question February 22, 2021
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