All Previous Material Shared For O Level Biology 5090 and IGCSE Biology 0610 In Whats App Group Up To This Point – Notes, Voice Notes, Video Lectures, Topical Past Papers, Solved Examples, Exam Guides, Preparation Tips, Schedules and Much More!

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Message 1

Dear students,

This group is for students of O Level and IGCSE Biology. If you have been added in the wrong group, you can leave this group and text me regarding the group you needed.

To confirm an issue here:

The extended biology of IGCSE and O Level biology has much the same course material. The syllabus division is different and names of papers as well. However, we will cover most stuff here for both.

If something is not included in both, and in only one of these, I will mention separately

Students must ask their queries in personal chat to avoid the group being clogged. Here, only the material or material links will be provided. Otherwise, it could be hard to find material later.

I will try to provide as much of the material as possible moving forward. Do refer your other friends for the subjects here as well. Just let them know to leave a message at the same Whats App number.

New Members after this point may not see the material before they joined. The best way to find previous material is to use a combine material link. The link will be provided every time a new member joins so they can find the previous material.

Each time a new member joins, they will be provided with the link to the previous / missing material.


Message 2

First,I am starting with the notes I already have at hand. They cover the topics in required details.

But, they won’t be too lengthy.

Sending the note links here. The missing notes of chapters not provided will be uploaded soonest.

Message 3

Disclaimer: I am not perfect and I do not follow other people when making material. So

1. If you spot an issue, just let me know in personal chat and surely it will be corrected. To err is human, perfection means death. What I can guarantee is that I have tried my best to ensure that everything is as correct as possible. But only human ok.
2. Your teachers may tell you different methods or ways, and that is COMPLETELY fine – there are multiple ways to do stuff. If you have query regarding “sir falaan sir ye kah rahay hai”, don’t ask it. We are here neither to negate or accept others. My job is to clarify any issues you are facing in your exams. Usse related koi sawal hai bila jhijhak poochain I will answer. But, ratification of other teachers is both disrespectful to the other teacher and their knowledge. I respect all your teachers, and that is what matters. So, I won’t be passing a judgement on what others tell you. Please avoid such stuff.

These are the chapters for which notes were already in accessible form. I have uploaded all links here.



About the Videos already up or the live sessions for chapters. Wait.

Message 4

Class 1 on Cell Structure and Organization

Class 2 on Diffusion, Osmosis and Active Transport

I have currently uploaded 2 classes, while class 3 on enzymes will be uploaded today, and class 4 on Plant nutrition tomorrow. I will upload the remaining links here in the same group as soon as they are uploaded.

Again, we need to be patient. I know perfectly the missing classes and that they have to be uploaded. Reminiscing them won’t help in pacing up the process.

The next is a video on how to use the last 2 months of your time for bio.

I am perfectly aware that most students vary from the said method and it is COMPLETELY FINE. As long as you can work out the plan you are following and it is useful to you FOLLOW ANY PLAN YOU WANT.

Just make sure you DO NOT waste your time without sticking to a plan. That will ruin the next 2 months.

Apnay zehan main aik plan banao and focus on that. Stray effort na karo k ye na pata ho exactly k kitna hogya, kitna rah gaya.

This next post contains the details of the plan AND the recommended books. Recommended book to recommend kion kiya hai uski reason bhi batai hui hai

Click on the name of the resource to access it.

How To Prepare


Here is a schedule that you MAY FOLLOW. Zaroori nahi hai. Again, if it makes sense to you ZAROOR follow karo. But if it does not resonate with you – NA FOLLOW KARO. Do not follow the schedule if you feel apka time kisi aur tareeqay se app better manage kar saktay hain. In the end, you time matters cuz sirf 2 mahinay rah gaye hain.

3 Months Preparation Schedule


Now what you need to do is: do NOT take the 12 free days I have given in the schedule cuz utna time nahi raha peechay. Second, DO NOT miss the starting part of the schedule. Instead, jitnay din kam banain wo END se chor dena. START wala same karna it will help you to revise concepts.

Message 5

Next, I am sending you a few voice notes about the Paper Solution Method

^ This one is for how PAPER 1 is in your exams, and how to attempt it when solving. Also, the use of the paper for preparation purposes is summarized. if you know this already, skip the voice note.

^ The first one is for paper 2 general issues

The second one is more important, it is about the use of marking schemes to boost your preparation. Do try it out

Message 7

Here s the link to the first quiz for chapter 1

I have kept it to 20 questions. This one is a concept quiz: testing confusing concepts only.

Tomorrow, we will have another 30 question quiz that will be from past papers of paper 1 and selective paper 2 questions. So better be prepared for it

The chapter here is Cell Structure and organization.

Additional information
1. It takes a few second for your result to generate after the last question, because I am still working on the system.

2. The result will give you the reasons why an answer was incorrect.

3. If there is any issue, I am just a text away. Let me know.

Click here to access the quiz.

I will keep updating more stuff in the same group from time to time.

Message 8

Here is the video for third chapter: Enzymes

Class 1 on Cell Structure and Organization

Class 2 on Diffusion, Osmosis and Active Transport

Class 3 on Enzymes

(Click on the name of the quiz to access it)

Cell Structure and Organization Basic Concept Quiz

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