All Previous Material Shared For O Level English Language 1123 And IGCSE English 0500 – 0510 In Whats App Group Up To This Point – Notes, Voice Notes, Video Lectures, Topical Past Papers, Solved Examples, Exam Guides, Preparation Tips, Schedules and Much More!

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Note To New Members of English Language 1123 And IGCSE English 0500 / 0510 Group

  • New members in the groups are not able to see the material previously shared. As such, they may face a problem when finding the relevant material regarding O Level English 1123 and IGCSE English 0500 / 0510.
  • Every time we add new members, we share the link to this page to ensure they can see all the previous material that was shared.
  • All group material will be uploaded here as well.
  • Want to join the group? Send a Whats App Text message to +92 336 311 1855.
    • Mention your name.
    • The subject you want to be added in and the grade level of the subject.

All Messages In The Group

Message 1

Dear students,

This group is for female students of O Level and IGCSE English. If you have been added in the wrong group, you can leave this group and text me regarding the group you needed.

To confirm an issue here:

The pattern of both subjects is COMPLETELY different. However, the language tricks are the same. First, we will cover the common stuff that is applicable directly everywhere. This material will be directed for O level students in particular. Then, we move towards the different aspects of both series and their specific attempt methods.

Students must ask their queries in personal chat to avoid the group being clogged. Here, only the material or material links will be provided. Otherwise, it could be hard to find material later.

I will try to provide as much of the material as possible moving forward. Do refer your other friends for the subjects here as well. Just let them know to leave a message at the same Whats App number.

New Members after this point may not see the material before they joined. The best way to find previous material is to use a combine material link. The link will be provided every time a new member joins so they can find the previous material.

Each time a new member joins, they will be provided with the link to the previous / missing material.


Message 2

First, I am sharing a set of 4/5 videos that practically cover everything you need for O LEVEL English Language paper except the meanings/ effect section.

Also, the same techniques told for directed and narrative part fairly apply IGCSE as well. HOWEVER, there are prompts present in IGCSE which I will deal with later.

Message 3

For this particular subject:

1. I will stand by what I tell you, and if you follow it completely, I guarantee you a grade. I know this is a bold statement and I do not make such statements in any other scenario. However, for English Language, just blindly follow it.

Directed Writing

Narrative Writing

Summary Points and Fact Opinion

The Second passage – question answers

Comprehensive Coverage Session for the same subject

Now, let me share with you the list of vocabulary.

I add words to this list weekly. I have summarized how the vocabulary works in the Video on The second passage, questions and answers.

Message 4

Now. Let me share the formats and other information about specific parts of the paper.

Message 5

For Paper 1

Sharing for Paper 2 in a while.

Message 6

This one was the vocab link btw

Message 7

For Summary passage

All Video Links

Directed Writing

Narrative Writing

Summary Points and Fact Opinion

The Second passage – question answers

Comprehensive Coverage Session for the same subject







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