How To Prepare O Level Mathematics (4024) Subject From Scratch To Get The Best Grade In CAIE Exams | Tips By Sir Hunain Zia

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Studying routines can be quite stressful, especially when one is trying to get a good score on the exam. However, what can increase this stress is the excessive level of myths that exist about exam preparation. The main purpose to make this post series is to bust those myths about preparation of subjects for CAIE O Level / A Level and IGCSE. The post will be accompanied by 2 other posts: Examination Solving and Attempting Tips, and Schedules for each subject

How To Prepare: General

  • O Level Mathematics (4024) requires you to solve 2 exams: The Short Answer Exam and the Structured Answer Exam.
  • The following method is what I prefer for the preparation in most cases.

The Prerequisites

  • Both the components have the same syllabus.
  • DO NOT TOUCH the D SERIES. Its a waste of time when you are preparing for the exam. If you are still 3 years away from exams, sure do it. It will help you learn. However, if you are just 3 months away from your exams – DO NOT waste time on D series.
  • All you need are topical past papers (already provided here on AYLOTI Study).
  • Yes! That is all that you need.

Time Line of Preparation

  • Our focus is first on the topics.
  • Then, we will move on to yearly papers. Even if we can not do a single complete yearly paper, we are still prepared for the exam.

The Method

  1. O Level Mathematics 4024 is NOT the same as Matriculation Mathematics. The issue is that most tutors make students follow routines that are similar to matriculation. Avoid those techniques please.
  2. Start with the topical and from the easier topics.
    1. Pic any topic.
    2. Go over the formulae sheet 2-3 times and attempt the example questions of the formulae sheet.
    3. Then, start doing the topical past paper questions. First attempt the topical past paper questions for the topic from Paper 1 because they are easy, and involve less steps.
    4. Always do complete working so that you can diagnose your mistakes using the marking scheme.
    5. Do topics as far back as 2003. Both variants and both series. However, you can do topical questions FIRST from the last 10 years.
    6. Once you are done with the topical questions of paper 1, start doing the structured topical questions from paper 2 for the topic.
    7. Do at least 6-8 past paper questions from Paper 2 for the topic.
    8. Once you are done with one complete topic this way, move on to the next topic.
    9. MAKE SURE you make a list of the questions that you did wrong in this practice from each topic.
  3. When you start doing the next topic the same way as mentioned in step 2 above, make sure you re-do the questions you made a mistake in a couple of times as well. Similarly, when you are at topic 3, redo the questions you made a mistake in for topic 2.
  4. After all your topics are done, start yearly past papers.

The Pitfalls

  • Try to learn how to do the question correctly in the initial go. Usually, you do not get enough time in the exam to recheck the questions. Thus, doing the questions correctly in the first go is extremely important.
  • In Mathematics, when you are preparing, consult the marking schemes to focus on the right amount of steps to show for each question type. Learn to avoid showing too much steps or missing out of too much steps as well.
  • Finally, make a formulae list of your own which mentions the DIFFERENT WAYS in which each formulae can be used. That will help you a lot in your final revision.

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