How To Prepare O Level Business Studies (7115) and IGCSE Business Studies (0450) Subject From Scratch To Get The Best Grade In CAIE Exams | Tips By Sir Hunain Zia

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Studying routines can be quite stressful, especially when one is trying to get a good score on the exam. However, what can increase this stress is the excessive level of myths that exist about exam preparation. The main purpose to make this post series is to bust those myths about preparation of subjects for CAIE O Level / A Level and IGCSE. The post will be accompanied by 2 other posts: Examination Solving and Attempting Tips, and Schedules for each subject

How To Prepare: General

  • Business Studies O Level (7115) and IGCSE Business Studies (0450) requires you to attempt 2 exams: The Short Answer Paper and the Case Study
  • The following method is what I prefer for the preparation in most cases.

The Prerequisites

  • For this subject, the book is the king. Although Sir Hunain Zia provides his own notes as well, still, it is preferable to consult the book alongside the notes.
  • Do not waste time on any outside resources for this exam.

The Method

  1. First, read a complete SECTION from the book and then the notes. Why complete section?
    1. Business studies is more suited to sectional division. Studying a chapter out of context of the rest of the section will just waste your time. Instead, try studying the complete section
    2. Also, MEMORIZE.
      1. Why? Paper 1 is completely memory based
      2. Paper 2 is based mostly on memory + application
    3. There is no way around it
      1. You need to know the answers to key questions by heart
      2. You need to know the important definitions in their exact manner.
      3. Leaving out a crucial point in the definitions will make you lose marks.
  2. After you have read a section, do the topical past paper questions of PAPER 1
    1. Try sticking to the last 10 years only
    2. Do both variants and both series.
    3. Why paper 1 first?
      1. The structured questions of paper 1 are NOT as easy as they seem.
      2. They require pin-point answers: answers that are completely directed and focused.
      3. Students have a misconception about paper 1: Write excessive and irrelevant and you will score marks
        1. That is not the case.
        2. Instead, you need to write exactly what is required.
        3. Thus, attempting paper 1 topical questions will refresh your knowledge about key terms, definitions and concepts.
    4. Make sure you read the suggested answer from the marking scheme as well for each question
      1. Why?
      2. Because it will help you to learn how to write concisely and precisely.
  3. Once you are done with all the sections and their topical past paper 1 questions, start complete yearly paper 2
    1. Why?
      1. Topical paper 2 won’t help much as they are case study.
      2. You need to know the entire case, the entire applications and the entire scenario for the paper practice to be beneficial
    2. Attempt the complete paper and then mark it using the marking scheme
      1. Check which section or topic you are weak in, and then revise that topic or section directly from the book or some very good notes.
  4. Do as many papers as you can.
    1. The method of solving each paper is given in a  separate post for this subject called How to Solve the Exam. Do check that out.

The Pitfalls

  • During the preparation of Business Studies, your focus must be on how to write concisely and precisely
    • If you learn to write concisely, you will always succeed in this exam.
  • Avoid writing irrelevant stuff when attempting past papers.
  • Try to understand the question types and what they require exactly.

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