Solving Islamiyat O Level and IGCSE Exam – Islamiyat 2058 and Islamiyat 0493 – Complete

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Solving Islamiyat Paper is easy if given the right thought and worked properly. Here, I will guide you completely on how to solve the Islamiyat questions.

For Both Paper 1 and Paper 2:

  • The first question is of 8 marks in both papers
  • In both papers, the question is divided in two parts
  • In each question, the two parts of 4 marks each are further divided into two different passages / Hadith. Here is how to proceed.
  • For a 2 marks question
    • Do not write more than 70-100 words.
    • What to write?
      • You are given the English translation of the passages in paper 1 and the hadith in paper 2.
      • Just write the given translation IN YOUR OWN WORDS.
      • That is all you need to do in this part.
  • For part b)
    • You need to connect the message given in the passage to the modern scenario of the Muslims
    • For example, Ayat Ul Kursi tells you that All knowledge is with Allah
      • This means that our Muslims today should not believe the words of palmists.
        • Because they don’t have ilm-e-ghaib

The Compulsory question and Voluntary Questions of 14 marks

  • For the 10 marks question (paper 1 or paper 2 – compulsory or voluntary)
    • It is a question that directly tests your knowledge
      • In other words, BOOKISH knowledge
    • You need to write, in paragraph form not points form, as many distinct things as you can remember about the question
    • Remember, you DO NOT have to waste time on writing the same things over and over again.
      • No repetition
      • No unnecessary explanation
    • The more distinct things you tell, the better chances you have to score.
    • How much do you need to write?
      • Do not write less than 2 pages.
      • Do NOT take an extra sheet, it is not allowed for this paper
        • They will give you but they won’t mark it
      • You may write 2.25 pages. Not more.
  • For 4 marks questions (Paper 1 or paper 2 – compulsory or voluntary)
    • This question is usually about significance. Very less cases where it is about description
    • When you talk about significance
      • You re basically doing the same thing as in question 1 – part b)
      • Connect it with the conditions of the Muslims you see around you and Muslim life in general
    • For example, the significance of Rami
      • It is a depiction that we negate shaitan completely and will never fall in his traps
    • How much to write?
      • Half to 1 page.
      • No extra sheet.
      • You have to divide the 3 pages given for 1 – 14 marks (10+4) marks question the way you like.

That is it. The simplest way to solve Islamiyat papers.

Hope you like it and it helps you. Share ahead.

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