How To Submit A Community Resource

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Here, we shall guide you about the complete details on submitting your resource content.

Post Title

  1. Keep your post title between 9-15 words.
  2. Make sure your post title reflects what your resource is about.
  3. Do not provide a misleading post title. Posts with misleading titles shall not be approved.
    1. Misleading title means a title that mentions something that is either not covered in the post at all, or covered to a minimum extent.

Resource Content

  • The post content must be unique, not be published anywhere else and must not contain plagiarism.
  • The content must be at least 300 words long. Shorter content is allowed if it is exceptionally meaningful.
  • All content must be accurate and in no way misleading.
  • The YouTube Embed button must be used if you wish to embed a YouTube Video within the content.
  • Upload any image that is part of the content itself to the media library. Then, insert it where it must appear in the content.
  • You can format the content using the formatting options available.

A Small Summary

  • A small summary no longer than 255 characters that provide users an idea of what you are submitting.
  • This way, they can locate your content easily.

Images, Videos OR Documents For the Content

  • Maximum Size is 1 GB
  • Only add images here if they have not been uploaded at the main Resource Content area.
  • You may upload a video here.
  • You may upload documents to support your work.
  • MUST upload one image here that represents your content. We will use it as content title photo if it applies well. Otherwise, we will assign one for it.

Any Video Link

  • If there is any other video link that has not been placed in the content, such as your own YouTube Link, you must share it here.

Resource Category

  • Select the categories that apply.
  • If you desired category is not present, just select OTHER. We will assign the right category from our system.


  • Provide as many tags as possible
  • Tags are short phrases or words that show what your content is about.
  • Tags can have spaces (NOT LIKE HASHTAGS IN SOCIALMEDIA)
  • However, separate two tags by inserting a comma in between them.

No Spam Solution

  • Just solve the equation


  • Consent to the terms and conditions.
  • The link to them is available in the footer.


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