How User / Contributor Ranking Works

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Getting ranked on our platform is something that solely depends on your contributions and activity on the platform. Here is the way it works:


  • You are awarded study points for every activity that is performed on the website.
  • The more study points you have, the higher you rank on the website contributor ranking.
  • More stuff is coming soon to make it even more interesting.

Points For Contributors

  • Every new approved educational content :  100 Study Points (Called the New Contribution Points)
  • Every unique visit you get on any of your educational content shared on the website: 1 Study Point. (Called the Student Helping Points)
    • We closely monitor the activity on the platform to check for spam views.
    • Abusing the viewership system will get your user banned on first instance.
    • Play fair!
  • Get any approved comment on your resources : 3 Study Points (Called Student Collaboration Points.
    • Again, spamming and abuse not allowed.
    • Instance of spamming the comments for points will get your IP blocked from the platform.

Points For Question / Answers

We value the people who ask useful questions on our platform.

  • Asking any question on the website that is relevant to education : 4 Study Points called Asking Question Points.
  • Providing approved answer to the website questions in ask a question section : 7 Study Points Called Answering Question Points.
  • If you answer gets selected as the best answer for any question : 25 Study Points called Best Answer Points.
  • Getting a vote up on your question or answer : 2 Study Points Called Vote Up Points.
  • Commenting on Question or Answer: 2 Study Points Called Comment on Question Points.

So – What Will These Study Points Do?

  • Well – let’s just say something really amazing is coming up on the platform soonest. If we were in your place, we would love to gather AS MANY STUDY POINTS AS POSSIBLE before this new update comes.
  • A little sneak peak!
    • Well, let’s just say being active on this platform will become VERY INTERESTING!

Are These Study Points Complete?

  • NO! We are adding much more options to earn these study points on our platform.
  • The list will keep growing.
  • So – just be here!

How is this fair?

  • None of our administrative team’s members are a part of this procedure!
  • We check closely for spamming.
    • We block accounts that abuse or take advantage of the system.
  • Our social media sharing policies are equal for everyone! No cheating of any sort.

How To Become A Contributor?

Just check the BECOME A CONTRIBUTOR Link in the menu bar- it is quite simple.

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