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General Information

AYLOTI Study has been developed to ensure a combined community resource for educational purposes. Our thought process is simple: make a place where everyone can make the slightest contribution for educational purposes.

Submitting any resource to our website automatically applies the terms and conditions agreement to the submission. There are no exceptions available.

Submitting an anonymous resource

Any resource submitted by anyone who has not formally become a registered member on our website will be published by the Author Name “Our Community”. In such cases, the submission will be anonymous and the person submitting the content can not claim the content as their own in the future. Only opt for this option if you wish to submit a resource to the community fully anonymously i.e. keeping your identity a complete secret.

Otherwise, follow the link on the menu to register as an educator on our website. Registered educators can get their content published in their own name on the platform. Additionally, it allows you to maintain your profile and display your social media links, phone number and other details on the platform as well.

Currently, Anonymous Resources ARE NOT BEING ACCEPTED.

Submitting A Member Resource

As a member, you can submit resources that will be published in your own name. This privilege will not be taken back unless and until the resource is found to be:

  • Copyrighted
  • Plagiarized
  • Already published somewhere
  • Not originally done by the submitting person.

However, the following terms and conditions apply:

  • Currently, it is a voluntary contribution platform. Its a community resource that AYLOTI Study funds from its own pockets to run and manage the platform. Currently, NO PAYMENT will be made for any content submitted. We reiterate, its a community resource, where you contribute to help others.
  • No content that is plagiarized or already published somewhere, even in the author’s own name, must be submitted to the platform. All content is checked for plagiarism before approval. If writer submits plagiarized content thrice, they will be completely banned from the platform.
    • Acceptable level of plagiarism is 15 percent at maximum.
    • If the author has submitted his own content on his OWN platform, he may submit the content in the PDF form for embed.
      • By own platform, it means any platform they OWN, not any community platform, group or website that they are a MEMBER of.
        • So, submissions already made to other community platforms is not allowed.
        • Publications made to self-owned websites or YouTube channels can be submitted to AYLOTI Study.
    • We check plagiarism using specialized tools, and contact the contributor for details if plagiarism is high. We do provide a plagiarism report in this case.
  • The content must be at least 300 words in length.
  • The required components must be delivered with the content as shown on the resource submission page.
  • None of the content can be republished anywhere. Instead, it can be shared directly from the site using the share links.
  • All content becomes the part and ownership of the community resource and can not be republished. However, the content will always remain under the name of the registered contributor on the community resource platform. The platform will never cite the content as its own.
  • All content will be reviews by our expert team before submission.
  • Our team may edit the content to remove any fallacies or errors.
  • A member is not allowed to provide access of their account to anyone else for publishing their resource in their name.
  • In case the video attachment is larger than 1 GB limit, simply publish it on YouTube and provide us the link in the link section of the URL resource.
  • NEVER PROVIDE AN INCORRECT RESOURCE. Any resource provided that is incorrect will result in a warning. Second incorrect resource will remove your account from the website. However, your previously submitted content will still stay in your name.
  • Redistribution of content is not allowed, except direct sharing from the website.
  • Content can NOT be removed from the platform upon request of the contributor once it has been approved and posted. The only case where it will be removed is where a policy breach is detected.


Any member or user of the platform must follow the following terms and conditions to stay active on the platform. Deviations from these terms and conditions will result in the person being banned for life.

  1. No abusive language, curse words or incorrect usage of language is allowed on the platform, under any circumstances.
  2. You must remain respectful to the contributors. They work hard to make this material available to you.

Advertisement and Copyrighting – Payments

  • No payments of any sort are ever collected from the contributors.
  • The expenses and all other costs are borne by AYLOTI.
  • The content is NOT reused in any other place as well.
  • No contributor is allowed to make a content post solely for the purpose of advertising. Content must not be branded in any form. The platform already provides enough security to ensure that you receive the credit for your work.
  • AYLOTI may, from time to time, run advertisements and promotions to mediate the costs of the platform.
  • Advertisement earnings are NOT distributed to contributors. Instead, they are reinvested in the platform and help to meet the platform expenses.

REMEMBER – The project is the sole ownership of AYLOTI and contributors DO NOT possess the right to own the platform.

Third Party Content Branding

AYLOTI takes keen interest in the quality of content branding that takes place on our platform. The following rules apply to any content submitted by anyone other than the AYLOTI team.

  • Contributors are NOT allowed to brand their content with anything. AYLOTI does the branding itself and the due recognition to every contributor is given. Self branding is not allowed.
  • Any self-branded content will not be approved.
  • Any content reflecting any third party resource will not be approved.
  • Contents that have branding and have been approved will be removed from the site.
  • Constant submission of branded content to the platform will get the contributor banned.


Two aspects must be considered by any third-party platform or direct user about our website.

  • Our team tries to verify the content submitted as much as possible. However, we can never be exactly sure about the content given the diverse nature of the material, the number of people submitting and any other issue. Thus, if you have ANY concern, feel free to contact help@ayloti.com for assistance and support.
  • Our contributors are not our team members. What they share from our website to their social media platform is their act as individuals. Contributors are not part of the management team.

Simple – yet must follow rules. (Any policy Updates Are Communicated)


  • AYLOTI Study does not take any form of funding, aid, donation, payment or contribution from any outside organization, individual or person.
  • Instead, all expenses are borne by AYLOTI itself.

Legal Issues and Sharing of Content

  • All content on AYLOTI Study is completely copyrighted. No user or contributor or ANY person is allowed to re post this content in any shape or form on any website, platform, application or social media. Doing so will be against our legal possession of the content and strict legal action shall be taken in this case.
  • Downloading is NOT allowed for any of the content.
  • Copy pasting the content anywhere is completely prohibited.
  • You can only use the official SHARE links on each post that are given by the website to share the hyperlink of AYLOTI Study for any content that you wish to spread ahead. These links must redirect to AYLOTI Study only.
    • You can not create a short-link of any of our links except for the officially provided short links.
  • Taking snapshots, pictures or screenshots of the content and sharing them forward are BOTH disallowed and prohibited.
  • Websites other than those directly run and managed by AYLOTI are not allowed to embed, copy or repost any content here in ANY shape or form. Posting in such way is against our legal policy.
  • Sharing the content in your name with any one is strictly disallowed except for the contributor who contributed the content.
    • The contributor will have to follow all the mentioned rules as well.
  • Any breach of these terms will result in strict legal action from AYLOTI Study. Any damages and compensation will be claimed from the perpetrator of such breaches.

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